Customized video solutions

Special solutions in the field of video are used in significantly more applications than the audio solutions we also offer. This is due to the fact that a video application can work "silently" in the background. Even as a mural (art in space) video displays are used. Advertising today is unthinkable without so-called public displays. The application area created here about 15 years ago is called "Digital Signage". 

Basically, two-dimensional displays are used in all areas. These sizes range from a few centimeters to over 100" (approx. 2.50 m). If this is not enough, large displays can be combined into so-called video walls. This means that there are no limits to the size and arrangement of the displays. In the public sector and in museums, however, projectors are also often used. These are able to create large displays (projections) at a cost-effective price-performance ratio. If interaction is desired, this is often realized by touch or multi-touch systems, which allow interaction and input by the user.

heddier electronic GmbH has been developing interactive video solutions since 1989. During this time we have created thousands of solutions in the price range from a few 100 EUR up to more than 100.000 EUR. 


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