Displays and projectors

The "human interface", the interface between the user and the technology, is often not given the necessary attention. An application and programming may be of high quality, but if the display or projector cannot reproduce this, the overall impression is not satisfactory.

For the customer, choosing the appropriate output device is difficult. The factors below are important and must be taken into account. In many cases, however, there are other criteria that are important:

  • Suitable size of the display
  • Correct format of the display
  • Sufficient viewing angle for application
  • Sufficient brightness with regard to the environment
  • Sufficient resolution with regard to the video material
  • Suitable connection for the playback device (HDMI, display port, etc.)
  • Availability at the time of purchase (delivery time)
  • Availability of spare parts (service guarantee)
  • Costs

heddier electronic GmbH has been dealing with these tasks since 1989. We look back on the experience of several thousand installations. We would be pleased to advise you in order to find the suitable solution tailored to your needs.

Overview of our delivery program:

Open frame display with heddier electronic logo Touch screen with one hand Multi touch display with 3 hands Display with info sign

 Built-in and industrial displays


Single-touch displays 


Multi-touch displays


Public displays and
digital signage displays


3 Outdoor displays in different sizes Large display with landscape Beamer infront of white background Multimedia installation with 4 pedestals
Outdoor displays  Video walls  Installation projectors  Installations with
multiple projectors   

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