Audio customer solutions

Special solutions in the field of audio are mainly used in museums, salesrooms, cities, nature parks and at trade fairs. They are used to inform customers and visitors. The advantage of audio systems over video systems is the significantly lower price. Also the energy consumption is lower. This also enables their use with solar panels or external batteries. Acoustic messages can be used very well as a warning and information system. Optical information, such as displays, can be overlooked. With acoustic messages, this is only possible in exceptional cases (hearing loss or extremely loud environment).

The costs for the special solutions shown here start in the range of a few hundred EUR. Only in a few cases a value of about 2500 EUR is reached. The solutions can be prepared in such a way that they can be finally installed by your own personnel. In most cases only minimal knowledge is required for this. However, when using exhibits outdoors, several factors need to be considered, such as the risk of vandalism and the desired temperature range. 


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