Single handset and loudspeaker

Depending on the installation location and requirements, different loudspeaker systems can be used. Here it is important to consider not only the requirements of the user, but also the environment.

A high noise level in the environment makes intelligible output of acoustic messages difficult. Increasing the volume of the audio output only solves the problem to a limited extent and leads to a further disturbance of the environment.

Among other things, heddier electronic GmbH tries to counteract this problem by using sensors. But also the right choice of loudspeakers is crucial. The use of structure-borne sound transducers is one of the core competences of heddier electronic GmbH. With more than 10.000 systems sold in hundreds of projects, we look back on a wealth of experience.


Advantages and disadvantages of the different loudspeaker systems:

Single handset "Hörknubbel"


- Use at information pillars
- Use in museums
- Use in outdoor areas (e.g. tourism information systems)

The one-hand receiver "Hörknubbel" offers a high protection against vandalism. It can be used in such a way that it does not disturb the surrounding area. With a maximum permissible audio power of 10 watts, it can also be used to provide sound to the immediate surroundings if desired. 

Hörknubbel in basic/standard color

Directional speaker

- Use in shopping centers
- Use in museums
- Use in public areas

Directional loudspeakers are available in various designs. Ultrasonic directional loudspeakers can focus the sound extremely strongly. However, various effects must be taken into account here.  

Black and white directional speaker

Structure-borne sound transducer  


- Use in furniture construction
- Use in interior fittings
- Use in saunas and spa facilities
- Use on shop windows

The structure-borne sound transducer is an inexpensive form of loudspeaker. It is mounted e.g. on a wooden plate and uses this as a membrane. When used correctly, the structure-borne sound transducer is a high-quality and vandal-proof alternative to the standard built-in loudspeaker.

Structure-borne sound loudspeaker in spider shape

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