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heddier electronic GmbH has been dealing with the integration of loudspeakers and structure-borne sound transducers in exhibits and rooms for more than 30 years. Especially the integration of structure-borne sound transducers requires experience and a profound knowledge. We are active in this field and look back on several thousand installations.

One challenge here is the compensation of the frequency response. In the case of structure-borne sound loudspeakers, the loudspeaker diaphragm is replaced by the material that is set in resonance. The so-called body must be created in such a way that it reproduces the desired sound image as accurately as possible. To achieve this, in most cases constructional, but also technical measures are necessary. We support you in this work.

This is only one example of our services around the use of audio and audio stations.

heddier electronic audio amplifier on Hamburger     Mouth-friendly solutions for the audio sector

Our special competences are in the following areas:

  • Use of structure-borne sound transducers
  • Reduction of acoustic disturbances by interactive control of audio exhibits
  • Use of directional loudspeakers
  • Use of through-glass loudspeakers

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