On request available in a wide range of colors to suit every taste

Hörknubbel in different colors

With its individual, colorful anodisation of the aluminum case, the Hörknubbel can be perfectly integrated into every environment to match any kind of exhibition design or arrangement. The anodized layer penetrates the surface by approx. 10 μm. Currently, the following colors are available: silver, gold, orange, red, green, olive, blue, titan and black. Please give us a call.

Please note that deliveries will take longer if you place an order in a specific color. Hörknubbel featuring specifically requested colors are not in store, but have to be produced individually once the ordered has been placed. Please do not use a cleaning fleece to polish or clean the anodized Hörknubbel. The actual color may differ from screen colors and printed colors. It is not possible to anodize the stainless steel ring and the armored cable.

On request, it is also possible to order Hörknubbel which are only partly anodized. Due to the Hörknubbel’s accuracy of fit and compatibility of individual system components, it is not possible to apply a conventional coating or powder coating (such a coating would also not match up with the high quality requirements of the surface finish).

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