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heddier electronic GmbH is one of the pioneers in the use of digital audio players. The Interactive Audio Player 1 (short: IAP-1) has been on the market for more than 15 years. It has been developed further and further. Thanks to its intelligent energy management, it is the first choice when it comes to solar-powered audio stations. 

If you want to create easy-to-program complex audio applications, the BrightSign AU355 audio player is a good choice. This modern system from the market leader BrightSign is largely compatible with BrightSign video players. Our software developers support you with their know-how in the development of your application. 

 heddier electronic MP3-player IAP-1    Brightsign Audioplayer AU355

 heddier electronic IAP-1

The IAP-1 contains all important functions on the size of a credit card. Interactive media sensors can be connected directly. With a power consumption of a few microamps (standby mode), it is ideally suited for use with batteries and solar panels.


BrightSign AU355

The BrightSign AU355 offers optimum flexibility. It has various interfaces and can thus be integrated into complex applications. 


Software and application development for BrightSign player from a single source

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We can offer you the different devices and also deliver them quickly due to our stock. heddier electronic GmbH employs several programmers who can quickly implement your task. Due to the large experience and the already existing modules we are here in the advantage against our competitors and can submit to you inexpensive offers. The applications created in this way can be easily maintained by the customer with a free authoring software. 

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