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 Sensors for the control of media technology

An essential success factor of heddier electronic GmbH is the use of different sensors. One goal was to make the control of the media technology interactive. For this purpose, various sensors were already developed in the last millennium. The breakthrough came in 2001 when the first capacitive sensor was introduced under the product name "Mirrormaid". This sensor was so powerful that it could detect the approach of people over a distance of about 50 cm. This opened up new areas in the use of heddier media technology. For the first time it was possible to control personal computers and media players through shop windows. But also the basis of the Human Detector security technology was given by this groundbreaking development. Today, heddier electronic GmbH is one of the innovators in the field of capacitive sensor technology.


The photo shows the 3rd generation of Mirrormaid capacitive proximity sensors. The compact sensors can be easily connected to various controllers via a flat cable. A capacitive surface is connected to the "hot" side. This can be a metal foil, a piece of wire, but also e.g. a motorcycle. If a person approaches, this is detected at an early stage. The sensitivity can be adjusted. Objects that are not directly connected to the sensor can also be monitored.



The RS-1Z radar sensor joins the detection range of the capacitive sensors without any gaps. It detects objects in the range of approx. 40 cm up to 2.5 m. Like the capacitive sensor, it is able to penetrate non-conductive materials. This makes a hidden installation easy.

For distances greater than 250 cm, the laser scanners of heddier electronic GmbH can be used.

High frequency radar sensor RS-1Z


Especially for the capacitive sensors heddier electronic GmbH offers different foils. The offer ranges from self-adhesive copper foils (see picture) to emission-free special foils, which can also be used with sensitive exhibits.    


Increase the attractiveness of your exhibition or trade show presence with an interactive audio or video station. All our sensors can be easily connected to personal computers or media players.

We offer the following services:

  • Design and planning of interactive media stations
  • Development and production of sensor-controlled exhibits
  • Programming of sensor and media applications

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